Cryptocurrency hot to go is an online site that facilitates the trading of cryptocurrencies. That means you can exchange digital currency such as bitcoins with other digital currencies on the platform. Some platforms allow you to exchange or trade digital currency with fiat currencies such as USD. When it comes to crypto exchanges, there is usually no fixed rate in the market. The action of the buyers and sellers determine the exchange rate. In simple words, you trade cryptocurrency based on

their market value during that period.
You must note the difference between crypto exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets. Cryptocurrency wallets allow you to trade in small amounts of digital currency such as bitcoins with another digital currency such as altcoins. But first, you have to send the digital currency to an exchange so that you can trade.

For instance, by opening an account with a wallet brokerage/cryptocurrency wallet, you can use your fiat currency, such as USD, to buy digital currency. When you have an account, you can purchase and hold cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum. But what happens if the cryptocurrency wallet cannot allow you to buy other digital assets such as Stellar, Ethos, or Monero? In that case, you have to set up an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. You can send your digital currency to your exchange account address; then, from there, you can buy or sell the digital currencies you wish. Crypto exchanges allow ordinary traders to exchange digital assets at low commission rates when compared to crypto wallets. However, the exchanges have different rates.

Why do crypto exchanges have different prices?
Crypto exchanges do not have any connection whatsoever, and that is why their prices differ. The buy and sell rates depend on the current supply and demand in the market. Every exchange rate of digital assets depends on its market value during that time. In simple words, if the exchange is thriving, it means you will get a higher market value of your digital currency.

Can I profit from price differences at various exchanges?
If you master the art of trading pairs at cryptocurrency exchanges, you can profit from various exchanges. Make a comparison of at least five previous exchanges of a busy trading day and note the difference. Usually, cryptocurrency volumes go up whenever the prices fluctuate. You will realize that the price ranges with one or two percent increasing every time the volumes are high. But you have to use cryptocurrency pairs if you want to get profits from the crypto exchange rates.

For instance, if you expect the price of bitcoins against USD to increase soon, purchase the pair BTC/USD and wait to trade then. But ensure you do not incur higher transaction fees than the difference in value. It may not be worth it.

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